Lakers Stats: Point Guard

Brief word on stats:
Scoring Efficiency (SCOFF) is a measure of a player's ability to efficiently produce bunches of points. >6 is excellent, <5 is weak.

Passing Efficiency (PAFF) is a measure of a player's ability to efficiently produce bunches of assists. >4 is excellent, <2 is bad.

Hustle Efficiency (HUFF) is a measure of a player's ability to efficiently produced bunches of offensive boards, blocks, and steals. >3 is good, <2 is weak.

Offensive Efficiency (O-EFF): is an aggregate measure of the other three measures. A rating of 95+ is equivalent to a top 15 player at that position. 80+ is borderline starter material.

Point Guards
Steve Blake 
Scoring: 5.0
Passing: 4.3
Hustle: 1.8
Offensive Efficiency: 78.7
Points Per Possession (EST): 1.47
-When felled by injury Blake was enjoying arguably his best season. Although he does not shoot much (<10 per 36 minutes), he shoots a high % of threes (55% of FGA) and hits a high % (40%), so he scores well enough. He was also handing out nearly 8 assists per 36 minutes while posting an ast/to ratio of >3:1. While he does not put the pressure on defenses that Farmar does and is not terribly lethal outside the catch and shoot three, his game management style results in a huge Point Per Possession score, easily outdistancing all other LA PGs. The Lakers will be thankful to have Blake return to the court, even if it's in a bench role.

Jordan Farmar 
Scoring: 5.6
Passing: 4.1
Hustle: 2.6
Offensive Efficiency: 88.8
Points Per Possession (EST): 1.28
-Farmar is a significantly improved player since his exodus from LA. Or perhaps the D'Antoni system just fits his skills better than the triangle did. He's scoring well, passing well, and he picks up offensive boards and blocks at a solid rate for a PG. Farmar is the Lakers' best 1 on 1 PG by far. Like many Lakers, Farmar would be a solid sixth man. He's a borderline starting PG.

Steve Nash 
Scoring: 4.7
Passing: 4.1
Hustle: 1.8
Offensive Efficiency: 70.2
Points Per Possession (EST): 1.19
-Nash is massively on the decline and hasn't played in months. When we last saw him on the court, his decreased mobility was limiting him in terms of shooting and passing, Nash's hallmarks. It is unclear what Nash has to offer going forward.

Kendall Marshall 
Scoring: 5.8
Passing: 2.9
Hustle: 1.7
Offensive Efficiency: 59.1
Points Per Possession: 1.13
-Brought in as a body because the Lakers had literally no PGs on their squad. After two brief appearances, Marshall was hardly regarded as changing that fact. Then he had a very nice game in a loss against Philadelphia. Marshall posted 4.1 SCOFF, 4.0 PAFF, and 1.9 HUFF for 64.4 Offensive Efficiency in his rookie season. He's a pass-first player who seems uninterested in getting his own shot. A bit more athleticism could aid his ability to finish and put more pressure on defenses. Reminds me of Steve Blake, which is not terrible. Should be able to give Farmar enough rest to avoid burning him out until Blake returns. At 22 years old, he is a low-risk signing who could pay dividends down the line.

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